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Guitar Center is a store that sells musical instruments and accessories. They offer instruments such as guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and more. They also sell Dj equipment, amps, lighting, recording equipment, and so much more. They offer brands including, but not limited to, Gibson, Fat Cat, Lakland, Fender, Sabian, Yamaha, and Samson. They also offer events and promotions, Guitar Center sessions, Artist interviews and more. Lastly, they offer repairs and tune ups as well.
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Sheet Music Plus is an online store that offers the world's largest selection of sheet music; they sell over 800,000 sheet music.from almost every genre imaginable. Sheet Music Plus carries classical, rock, pop, country, folk and traditional sheet music plus so much more. Sheet Music Plus carries sheet music for guitar players, piano, voice and many other popular instruments. Sheet Music Plus offers numerous shopping categories so customers can find what they are looking for quickly and ea...
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American Musical Supply sells musical instruments, speakers, and computerware for music. Their products include: Guitars: Electric, amps, acoustic, classical, acoustic electrical, accessories, guitar books, CDs and DVDs. Bass: Electric, amps, effects, acoustic bass guitars, strings, pickups, books, CDs and DVDs. Live Sound: Wireless, PA, speakers, microphones, amps, mixers, processors, racks, cases and carts. Recording: Multitrack recorders, mixers, processors, accessories, audio mastering...
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Rhino Entertainment featured music, news and history of artists of the 1970s They are a specialty record company based in the United States They have boxed sets from artistes like Richard and Linda Thompson Music is available on vinyl as well as CDs They cover genres such as rap, soul, R & B, Country, Jazz and Blues
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Musician's Friend is a catalogue and website that sells musical equipment focused on rock band-oriented instruments like electric and electroacoustic guitars, basses, drum kit pieces and individual drums, vocal and amplification gear, mixers, electronics like drum machines and instrument processor "effect" pedals, and other essentials for guitarists such as plectrums, strings, straps and related accessories. Musician's Friend is one of the most respected catalogue sources for musical equipment. ...
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The middle of 19th century saw the birth of what we know now as the classical guitar. In Spain, the revolutionary work of Antonio de Torres Jurado was crucial in turning the guitar into a serious and credible instrument. It was Torres who experimented with the existing construction and dimensions, and created the template for an instrument which exists to this day. The first prominent player to use his new design was Francisco de Tárrega - the man in who hands the guitar was first treated as ...
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In the second part of the Best Guitar for Beginners Series, we discuss the types of electric guitars best suited for the novice guitar player and why these are chosen over other types of guitars. There are two types given and their descriptions and features are explained along with famous artists who have used each of the given types.
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The guitar is without question the instrument at the heart of most of the popular music of the 20th century - from folk and country and western to rock and pop. The roots of the guitar in popular music can largely be traced back to the way in which the guitar developed in the United States. While a classical revolution was taking place in Spain, history was also being forged in America, where two distinct styles were developed by two of the most significant figures in guitar history: C.F. Martin...
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Although they bore a clear visual resemblance to their modern counterparts, the first guitars exhibited very different hardware. Apart from the use of courses rather than individual strings, the most dramatic difference was that the fingerboards did not have fixed metal frets, but were made from pieces of gut tied around the neck. The specific number of frets depended on the nature and complexity of the music. This made the musician's job considerably more difficult. Before performing, not only ...
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The scales of all major and minor keys are diatonic scales. . A chromatic scale is a scale made up entirely of semitones; one which includes all the notes (black and white) on the keyboard. There are two ways of writing the chromatic scale: the harmonic and melodic. The harmonic chromatic scale is the same whether it is ascending or descending, or it occurs in a major or in a minor key. The melodic chromatic scale meanwhile differs in the ascending and their descending versions.
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Woodwind & Brasswind specialize in musical instruments and accessories. Woodwind & Brasswind was started in 1978, it started small, working out of a converted barber shop, and has grown to a premiere online store that offers over 50,000 musical instruments and accessories. It has a full colour catalogue and sells to over 80 countries. Woodwind & Brasswind sells: Woodwinds Flutes and piccolos Clarinets Saxophones Instrument reeds Double reed instruments Woodwind accessories ...
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