Maintaining a Good Quality Sound of a Guitar
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Maintaining a Good Quality Sound of a Guitar

Maintain your guitar in good and balanced sound. Play the guitar always with an excellent sound.

Have you ever experienced a time where you were playing the guitar like crazy, then a string suddenly breaks? Of course, the sound of the guitar won't be that "complete" without a single string. This occurrence is really an annoying one. Most of the time, this happens in steel - stringed guitars, because they can easily break, due to their low durability, especially the lead strings (G, B, E). Whether people like it or not, strings will not be in a lifetime durability, nor they would be strong enough to last a year. Strings affect the overall sound of a guitar. One string lost, it will totally ruin the sound. 

Strings can last for about half a year or more, depending on the person. Strings break because of several reasons. Some of them includes:

• Heavy bending/pulling of the string during lead practices. Many people who like playing the lead part of a song often break a string because of carelessness in bending the strings of the guitar.

• Carelessness in carrying when the guitar is inside the case. This is when a string is pulled too much inside the case. 

• Reaction with certain chemicals (vinegar, sour food). If a person played guitar after eating a sour food, or had his/her hands a contact with sour substance, there is a moderate to big chance that the string will be weakened by the chemical, causing it to break.

• Old strings. A string can be said old if  : 1.) From the original silver-like color, it becomes copper - like color, 2.) When some thin copper wire-like stuff are around the string (This applies only to the bass strings), and 3.) The sound seems "broken" (This is when the string is so old that it will already break.)

Strings really do a very big part in a guitar play. How can a person maintain a good quality sound of a guitar in connection to the strings?

• If you like playing the lead part, always remember to use the middle finger to bend the string, while using the index, ring and little finger as a support, to avoid breakage. Be determined, but be careful as well. There is a lot of time to practice. Don't be in a hurry.

• Do not play the guitar if you had your hands in contact with a sour substance such as vinegar, or you ate sour food. Wash your hands first, wipe them with a clean cloth, then you may play the guitar. This is to avoid weakening of the metal string. Bass strings are very important, especially the D string. 

• Once a string is broken, make sure to buy a full set. Yes, a full set, because a single replacement string won't balance the sound. It may be too expensive, but the output will always be good and satisfying to the ear. That's why a guitar player should be careful on every string on his guitar.

• After every 6 months, replace your set of strings with a new one. This will also help in maintaining that balanced and good sound that you always wanted for your guitar. 

The sound of a guitar is very important. That's why carefulness for the strings is needed. Being careful is better than being playful, because one cannot play the guitar with an excellent sound if a string is missing. Be careful. Be responsible. Be a good guitar player.

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Comments (1)

Thanks for your two articles on guitars. I am a big fan of Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Michelangelo, steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Joey Tafolla, Chris Impelliteri and other guitar greats.