Online Considerations when Buying an Acoustic Guitar over the Internet
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Online Considerations when Buying an Acoustic Guitar over the Internet

Buying a guitar online can be a nightmare if you don't find out the right details concerning its condition before you hand over hard earned cash. By making the right enquires you can ensure you're also making the right choice to suit your pocket and musical endeavours.

There are many reasons why you may want to buy a guitar online. Guitars of all ages and of different levels of quality exist for sale. You can try your luck at an online auction site like EBay, or peruse different music shops on the web and see which offer the best deals. However, purchasing a guitar online can come with difficulties if you don't ask the right questions or know about potential problems you should be looking out for.

# Condition/quality

The quality of a guitar can be greatly altered by its condition. A second hand guitar may have started out as a great instrument back when it was new, but due to wear and tear, may have lost its quality of tone, or be damaged because of living with a negligent owner. Bangs and scrapes acquired from being dragged around all night parties, or simple accidents in the home, can cause a once great guitar to become virtually unplayable.

This is why when you buy a guitar online it's essential to ask the seller about its condition. Don't simply ask in a general sense. Be specific.

# Has the guitar been dropped, or had a similar accident?

# Has the guitar got any known problems?

# Are the tuning pegs in good condition? Do they turn freely, but not so much that they spin?

# Is the guitar neck straight and true?

# Is the bridge loose/damaged?

Once you've asked the above questions, and are satisfied with the answers, find out where the guitars been situated.

# Has the guitar been kept/stored somewhere dry, but not too close to a heat source?

Dampness can wreck a guitar, as can being lent against a radiator or water tank for years. It may seem obvious to you not to do these things, but never overestimate the intelligence of someone you're buying a guitar from online, or assume they care. Of course they may have loved and cherished their guitar and taken perfect care of it. They may be a genuine person who isn't out for all they can get. But you don't know what kind of person they are, so don't leave matters to fate.

As well as checking out the condition of a potential purchase, you'll need to know the make of guitar, age and the price the sellers asking for it. Once you know these things you can compare prices online and in local music stores. If you're buying a second hand guitar though, you'll need to be quick, as many knowledgeable musicians keep an eye on guitars for sale on the Internet, and don't hesitate to snap up a bargain.

If you do find a great guitar to buy online, make sure its likely to have a safe journey as it winds its way to your house. Get the seller to provide insurance in case the worst should happen and it gets lost, and ask if it will be well packaged to sustain traveling via the post. Better still, buy a hard case from the same seller if possible, and protect your guitar from potential mishaps.

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