The Different Types of Guitars!
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The Different Types of Guitars!

This article provides information about the basic types of guitar available, electric, acoustic and bass.

There are many different types of guitars available, different shapes, sizes, sounds and more. This article will provide the reader with an explanation of the different types of guitars available.


There are two types of electric guitar; a solid body and a semi-hollow body. There are 1,1000s of different electric guitars available, too many to review each one here! Some of the most popular electric guitars in the world include the Gibson Les Paul (famously used by a number of players including Les Paul and Slash) and the Fender Stratocaster (famously used by a number of players including Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck). Each electric guitar has a different body, different next, different pick-ups and electrics and most people purchase a specific electric guitar for a number of reasons, the way it plays, the way it sounds, the way it looks, etc.

The electric guitar shot to fame in the 1960s with bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other musicians like Eric Clapton.

Classical Acoustic

These guitars use nylon strings and have a wider neck than steel string acoustic guitars. The quality of the wood is important and can make a huge difference in the sound that the guitar produces. These types of guitars don't need an amplifier to work, but you can get ones that can be plugged into an amplifier. They are usually used by classical musicians and also are very popular in Latin countries, for example, flamenco music, is usually played on a classical acoustic guitar.


Acoustic guitars come in many shapes and sizes, they use a variety of different types of wood (some are even made out of steel!) Again, acoustic guitars don't need amplification for them to work, they sound fine without amplification. This type of guitar is the usual option for the beginning guitar player due to the fact that you don't need an amplifier to make it work, anyone can buy one and pick it up right away. This guitar is used in a huge number of different styles of music, from folk to pop music.

Bass Guitar

This guitar isn't the same as the other 3, it has only 4 strings and they are a lot thicker meaning that the sound is much bassier, hence the name bass guitar. These guitars are usually used to provide a bassier sound that supports the rhythm and lead guitars.

Some people believe that learning to play a bass guitar is easier than the guitar. This simply isn't true, the bass guitar is a completely different type of guitar from the other guitars mentioned here and is usually used in conjunction with another guitar rather than by itself.


This article provides you with an introduction into the 4 main types of guitar. There are 1,1000s of varieties of guitars and they can usually be placed into one of the heading described here in this article.

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Great presentation.

types of guitars

Apart of above mentioned types, there are lots of guitars. please visit my site for more info relating guitars and its types.